Die Alone

by Morbid Prophecy

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for all the lovers out there, anal fisting ballads straight from the rectum of loneliness

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released February 14, 2014

Iron Fister - vocals, harmonica, samples, noise
The Spicy Cowboy - guitar, vocals

album art by Fister & Cowboy



all rights reserved


Wet Horse Records Baltimore, Maryland

shit collective from baltimore, md

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Track Name: Intro (The Gulag of My Heart)
welcome to the gulag of my heart
Track Name: Dating Website Blues
I message u, and u don’t message back
So I’m coming to your house with a baseball bat
Track Name: Sad Piece of Shit
No one loves me
The way my hand does
When it’s full of lotion

No one wants to fuck me
And inhale my chunky
Cock explosion

I’m all alone
Drifting in this sad
Track Name: I'm Only Dating You for Your Scat Fetish
You took a dump on me, baby
You shat on my chest
Right where my heart used to be
Track Name: Anal Fisting on the First Date (Spice Girls)
If ya wanna be my lover
You gotta fist me on the first date
If you wanna be my boyfriend
You gotta go elbow deep
If ya wanna be my husband
You gotta go digging in my colon
If you find the golden nugget
We’ll get hitched
Track Name: Spending Alimony Money on Drugs
We got divorced
You got the kids & the house
Now I’m spending the alimony money on drugs
I’m a broken man
I went to divorce court high
And now I’m spending the alimony money on drugs
Track Name: Valentine’s Day Cards Full of Weaponized Anthrax That I Mailed to Your New Boyfriend
You left me, but that’s okay
Cuz I know your boyfriend is actually gay
He’s gonna leave you anyway
So I mailed him anthrax to pave the way

That way when he kisses you next
You’ll get festering lesions on your neck
And hopefully you’ll never forget
How much I love you.
Track Name: Please Won't You Accept This Half-Chubby into Your Heart?
Please baby please
Won’t you please take me back
This lump in my pants
Means I love you

I won’t forget you
Cuz you gave me
The best boners
In math class
Track Name: You Only Loved Me for My Tight Anus
You only loved me for my tight anus
But now that’s it’s wide and gaping
You’re GONE
Track Name: A Heart-Shaped Prolapse for You, My Love
You fucked me so hard that I made a
Prolapse for you
You fisted me so deep that I made a
prolapse for you
I put a big dildo in my ass to make a
Prolapse for you
You stuck a fire extinguisher in my ass now I got a
Prolapse for you
Track Name: My New Love-Doll Will Never Leave Me (Like You Did)
I’m so happy
I have a new girlfriend
Who doesn’t bitch or complain
About me not wearing a condom
Cuz she’s not alive
She’s made of plastic
It’s basically like fucking a corpse
Track Name: Sappy Love Song 4 Mail Order Bride
Hot Russian babe
For $19.95
+ shipping & handling

The catalog says
She’ll keep me safe
From Stalin’s wintry wind

She’ll be trapped
In the gulag of my heart
Serving goulash to me

She’ll carry my children
So we can stage a coup
Track Name: Cupid’s Arrows Are Directing Us to Drive off This Cliff So We Can Be Together Forever
Let’s get buried alive baby
True togetherness is only in the afterlife
When two souls constantly collide
In the confines of an oak coffin

But we don’t have the luxury right now
Of proper funeral rites or a wooden box
So let’s get entombed alive
In my hot jalopy
Track Name: Feel Like Lickin' Butt (Sad Company)
baby, when i think about you, i think about anal fisting
darlin', i don't live without you & your hands
if i had that ky jelly of my yesterdays
i would stick it so far up your asshole

yeah, feel like lickin'
feel like lickin' butt
feel like lickin' butt
feel like lickin' butt
feel like eating your turds

when i think about you, i think about...fisting & stuff

feel like lickin' butt
feel like lickin' butt
feel like lickin' butt
got i need a butt to lick

i feel like lickin butt
Track Name: Outro (Friend Zone)
die alone in the friend zone
you're not in the bone zone
you'll die alone in the friendzone
no bone zone
only the friendzone